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Retailers Dish On Their Favorite Fancy Food Show Finds

Consumable goods are way to bring customers back into an independent housewares store, as many will run out of their favorite food item before they need a new fry pan. And, as the gourmet housewares segment continues to look for ways to offer convenience as well as an experience, many are using shelf-stable foods and other consumables as a quick-turn item, as well as one that can be easily demonstrated or sampled.

This leads to retailers looking for unique and lifestyle-focused food items that are able to fill a void in the consumer’s pantry, as well as enhance their at-home cooking experience.

To help with that, we recently spoke to Chris Wiedemer, owner of Rochester, NY-based Cooks’ World, and Susan Dolinar, owner of Winchester, VA-based Nibblins, about some of their favorite items from The Fancy Food Show, which took place in New York from June 23 to June 25, 2019. Here are their picks.

Chris Wiedemer

Susan Dolinar

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