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Retailers Discuss Rep Rapport [VIDEO]

At the recent GOURMET INSIDER® Roundtable, which took place at the Dallas Market Center during the Dallas Total Home & Gift Show, retailers took on a variety of topics about vendor-retailer relationships.

In the second of a four-part series, retailers discussed their relationship with vendor reps and how honing the relationship is crucial to their businesses.

Panelists included Paul Ayo, E’s Kitchen; Jodi West, In The Kitchen; Teresa Adams-Tomka, Kitchen Collage of Des Moines; Peter Massey, The Afternoon; Dean Eaton, Your Kitchen Store; Kim Brown, Olive & Cocoa; and Sarah Freeman, Allen & Peterson.

“I’ve developed a close relationship with a few reps and that’s who I go to every single time,” said Ayo of E’s Kitchen. “If I need help, then they do that.”

Added Adams-Tomka, “Understanding us is truly an important part for that other rep, to know what the culture of our store is and, perhaps, our population.”

Event sponsors included Chef’s Design, Dexas, Enrico, Hammer Stahl, Kitchen IQ, and Dallas Market Center.

To see the full Roundtable video, click here.

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