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Registered Made In USA Brand Mark Available To Manufacturers

The Made in the USA Brand Certification Mark, which was registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in December 2010, is now available for use on labels to identify products that are manufactured in the United States. It is the only registered certification mark for identifying goods made or grown in the United States, according to Conrad Phillips Vutech, the marketing and branding firm behind the new logo.
The Made in the USA brand certification mark is based on the Federal Trade Commission’s regulations for complying with Made in the USA origin claims and was developed by Marcie Gabor, a principal at Conrad Phillips Vutech, located in Columbus, OH.
Gabor said she created the brand certification mark to provide a consistent way of labeling and identifying for consumers products that are manufactured in the United States.
“Consumers are becoming increasingly interested in buying local and purchasing goods made in America because they associate them with higher quality and reliability than products made in other countries,” Gabor said. She sees the Made in the USA Brand Certification Mark as a clear way for U.S. businesses that meet accreditation standards to differentiate themselves from competitors. The U.S. certification mark is available to any U.S. business that meets the accreditation standards.

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