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Real Talk: Ginger Cobl Of The Cupboard Says This Line Is Her Best Seller

Owned by Ginger Cobl, Decatur, AL-based The Cupboard just celebrated its fifth anniversary. Cobl told GOURMET INSIDER® in a phone interview that she started the business with a few thousand dollars and a credit card, but it has grown into something beyond what she could have imagined.

Known for unique business collaborations, vintage pieces and an array of kitchenware that Cobl tests herself, re-tests and gives (pretty honest) feedback to vendors about, The Cupboard has become a place to go for locals and celebrities alike.

Gourmet Insider recently caught up with Cobl and chatted with her about what her favorite dish from childhood is and the line of cookware that became her top selling brand.

Gourmet Insider: What’s your favorite dish to cook at home?

GC: I love to cook my Greek meatballs with sautéed zucchini and lemon dill orzo. It’s quick, about 20 minutes to throw together, relatively healthy and delicious.

GI: Who is your dream sous chef?

GC: I think it might be fun to cook with Ina Garten. She always seems so calm and pleasant.

GI: What is something you felt was a long shot but turned out to be a success?

GC: I admit that when I first brought Revol into the store I tiptoed into the line, just bringing in a few pieces. The line proved to be a huge success, one of my best sellers. I do a trunk show each year and absolutely adore the company and the products.

GI: When I’m stressed out about holiday sales, I…

GC: When I’m stressed about sales, or anything really I go muddin’ (yes, that is the correct spelling no ‘g’ at the end!) with my husband in his Jeep. There’s nothing like splashing through mud on Alabama back roads to raise your spirits!

GI: What’s your go-to cookbook?

GC: I really love Mimi Thorisson’s “French Country Cooking.” Everything I have cooked from it has been wonderful, it’s a beautiful book with very cookable French recipes.

GI: What’s your favorite food from childhood?

GC: My Aunt Linda’s buttermilk biscuits, they’re awesome, and sadly I can’t make them.


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