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Real Talk: Angela Skogen Of Cooks On Main Loves Tater Tot Hot Dish

Angela Skogen, owner of Williston, ND-based Cooks On Main, is seriously accomplished. The savvy retailer has a smart merchandising strategy, a passion for all things culinary and can whip up a delicious tasting dish in what seems like no time at all.

However, this GOURMET INSIDER® All-Star goes back to her roots when it comes to some of her eating habits, as she explained that tater tot hot dish is the dish she would scoop up until the very last bite. But, we also know what cookbook she likes to cook from when something other than tater tot hot dish is on her mind.

Gourmet Insider: What’s your favorite dish to cook at home?

Angela Skogen: My favorite  dish to cook at home is steaks on the grill.

GI: Who is your dream sous chef?

AS: Andrew Zimmern, hands down. He’s from Minnesota and I am obsessed with his shows, I follow him all the time, I follow his blog. I think he’s fantastic. Come cook with me, Andrew!

GI: What’s been your biggest merchandising fail?

AS: Oh. I brought in this whole line of farm to table things about five years ago. It was like pigs and chicken-themed serveware. Total bomb.

GI: What is something you felt was a long shot but turned out to be a success?

AS: I fought bringing anything in my store that was not specifically kitchenware and I brought it a whole line of candles in last fall. The sales have been amazing.

GI: When I’m stressed out about holiday sales I…

AS: Drink a glass of wine.

GI: What’s your favorite cookbook?

AS: The original Betty Crocker cookbook, like the one from the 1950s.

GI: What’s your favorite comfort food from childhood?

AS: Tater tot hot dish is my favorite dish from childhood. (Sorry, Mom!) It’s a Midwest meal that has tater tots, corn and meat all together. It’s very Midwest and I always have it for my birthday.

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