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Rain Group Releases Tips For Successful E-Mail Interaction


The Rain Group, a company that focuses on sales training and performance improvement, has released a new report which analyzed the rate of success of e-mail interactions between businesses and prospective clients. As the independent gourmet channel strives to reach its consumers through e-mail and e-newsletters on a regular basis, there are best practices that change on a regular basis.

Rain Group has focused on the most recent e-mail best practices, those that see the most favorable responses from customers. These include:

  • Keep it short. The majority of emails are now read on mobile devices. Long emails with big blocks of text get deleted immediately. Give your email a chance for success by keeping it short and sweet. A good rule of thumb is to keep it between 50 and 125 words.
  • Use bullets. People look at lists with bullets more often than those without. Bullets draw the eye towards them and capture attention. Put your most important points at the top and bottom of the bulleted list.
  • Keep it simple. Use simple words, short sentences and lots of paragraph breaks.
  • Use numerals. Digits catch the reader’s eye. Instead of writing out numbers, use numerals (e.g., seventy-five percent becomes 75%).
  • Use their name. Put the recipient’s name in the subject line and use their name more than once in the body of the email. People’s eyes are automatically drawn to their name in print.

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