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Quezada Launches Gourmet Housewares Marketing Group

Annette Hall Quezada, a Housewares industry veteran of nearly 20 years, has announced the launch of Gourmet Housewares Marketing (GHM), a membership organization whose goal is to maximizes cost efficiencies and access to marketing services for independent retailers in Gourmet Housewares and other related Housewares industries.

“My leadership role as Marketing VP of HTI Buying Group, along with a 15-year career as a leading Tabletop Housewares buyer, has given me a unique perspective on the needs and challenges of building a successful retail business today,” Quezada said in a statement announcing the company’s launch. “Our focus at GHM is on keeping membership fees low while providing carefully selected, high quality services and offerings. We want to help independent retailers not only cut costs and streamline their operations but also find new revenue streams and marketing opportunities to grow in a noisy and increasingly competitive environment.”

Quezada, whose position with HTI was eliminated when the company was restructured following the passing of founder Robert “Bob” Coviello, indicated that she launched GHM to provide a broad array of business solutions for independent retailers of all kinds. In addition to standard buying group benefits such as vendor discounts and terms, Catalogs, Inserts, Consulting Partnerships and Merchant Services, GHM will offer members access to additional services, focusing on business solutions.

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