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QD Foodie Looks To Penetrate Independent Market

QD Foodie, a new line of full-sized kitchen tools and gadgets for children, is gearing up to bring its tools to the independent market.

According to owner and developer Marci Heit, the idea was born when she decided that her career in acting and voiceover work was missing a component — she wanted to build something for herself. After volunteering as a puppeteer in a show about understanding, appreciating, and embracing all kinds of people, she was inspired to create her own character, Quinn Daisy, based on a blind girl who loved to be in the kitchen. From there, the idea for the utensils were born.

“I really wanted to create things that are inclusive, engaging and friendly for children who really want to be in the kitchen,” Heit told GOURMET INSIDER.

In addition to creating the goods with a unique and fun aesthetic designed to attract children, Heit designed the full-sized kitchen tools with Braille on them and with sensory-friendly handles to aid those with Autism. This, she said, allows QD Foodie to feel more inclusive.

“I wanted to create a brand that would help make food more fun for everyone and that there are more lessons to learn in the kitchen besides just cooking and I would really like people to see this as a household name in inclusion and kitchen fun,” she said.

The QD Foodie line is currently available with a suggested retail price of $49.99 for the complete set of seven. While it is currently available for purchase on the brand’s website, Heit noted that she is looking to enter the independent gourmet housewares segment as a channel of distribution.

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