Betty Bossi Now Shipping Bestselling Baking Tools

As consumers are baking more, as well as gearing up for fall baking season, Betty Bossi is now shipping several of its bestselling baking and kitchenware tools.

The Betty Bossi Wonderbox is an easy-to-use set for making homemade pastry in the shapes of mini-pinwheels, small parcels and tiny, tasty boats, the company said. It is designed to create shaped tidbits, sweet or savory, using puff pastry or tarte flambee and a variety of fillings.

The Betty Bossi croissant roller makes mini croissants. The roller is intended to allow consumers to just roll over the dough for precision cutting and then it allows for filling if desired.

Betty Bossi is also now shipping its apple grater. The grater automatically separates the core during the process. Juice is captured in the bottom compartment, while the apple grater is designed to keep the work surface clean.

The Betty Bossi deco cream whipper adds a flourish to cream tarts, cakes, desserts, quiches and more, the company said. It’s one device with two functions, whipping cream and decorating it with the same gadget.

“As we were planning for 2020, we felt that the American consumer would be excited about products that make it easier to bake spectacular desserts and pastries,” said Steve White, director of business development for Kuhn Rikon, which manages the Betty Bossi brand in the U.S. “The response has exceeded our expectations. Fortunately, we’re now in stock and shipping on key items such as our Wonderbox, apple grater, deco cream whipper and our extensive roller line.”