LOOK: A Store Tour Of Cooks’ Emporium

When Mindy Bergstrom officially took over Cooks’ Emporium in 2017, her first order of business was remodeling the store. Opened since 1979, she felt that the store needed a bit of a refresh while paying homage to the past.

“I knew I wanted to remodel right away, so I worked with a local company to get the process moving. I drew the floor plan, figured out the aesthetics and colors and really planned down to the product. I planned out where everything would live and how I would organize the store once it was fully stocked,” she said.

And even though she made the store her own, she noted the remodel includes several surprise tributes to previous owner, Margaret Junkhan, that can be spotted throughout the gourmet housewares retail outlet.

Take a look at the new Cooks’ Emporium, which was revealed to the community in April 2019.

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