Report: New Flavors, Healthy Lifestyles Influencing Beverage Sector

According to a new report by FONA International, a company dedicated to creating and producing flavors for many of the largest food, beverage, and nutritional companies in the world, the beverage industry is leading the charge when it comes to innovation in the food and beverage sector.

Hybrid flavors, the demand for Instagrammable drinks and new ideas are pushing the industry in a new way. The report noted that the “latest marketplace dynamic stems from the emergence of new flavors and combinations of beverage types as well as lifestyle-driven changes in what, why and when people are drinking.”

According to FONA, one of the top trends in the beverage market is the ability for beverages that are hybrid beverages. Additionally, plant-based goods, novelty items and those that surround “food tribes” will also continue to drive sales.

Hybrid beverages, noted the company, are not just a blend of flavors. They are a cross between drinks that used to be placed in separate categories that have now blurred the lines. These include cocktails that include wine and beer along with spirits and juice or sparkling juices.

Plant-based drinks are also continuing to reach new heights as well. These include drinks that are not only made from common fruits, vegetables and botanicals but from different plant-based proteins such as peas, rice, nuts and seeds. However, consumers are not willing to sacrifice flavor for health and want these new beverages to taste good, too.

The beverage sector has also seen growth with those consumers who have found their “food tribe.” What this means is that they have found a food-based lifestyle – like paleo and keto – and turn to the community to discuss shared eating preferences. These tribes have changed the face of the spirits business, as they are demanding lower ABV options and innovative mocktails.

And social media cannot be denied as a continued influence on the beverage business, the report said. Novelty drinks that create Instagrammable moments are still a factor when it comes to a purchase decision, the report said.