Uniek Living Brings Zuperzozial Kitchen Goods To U.S. Market

Uniek Living is bringing the Zuperzozial line of biodegradable kitchenware to the U.S. market. The Dutch brand includes durable modern tableware that is made of biodegradable bamboo and corn, and reinforced with melamine resin.

Included in the brand assortment is the Chop Chop cutting board, which is dual sided. One side is smooth, while the other is ribbed. It is ideal for cutting fresh bread or for use as cheese or tapas tray. It comes in three colors: willow green, grey and blue.

The brand’s set of six bowls are designed for use with nuts, olives, candies or dips. They come in five colors: dawn, rainbow, breeze, white and grey. Meanwhile, the strainer/colander comes in two sizes: 50 or 100 holes and also comes in five colors: willow green, grey, blue, white and pink.

All of the Zuperzozial products come in a wide variety of colors, while the washable paper bags are a responsible alternative to the plastic bag and are made of 100% natural recyclable fibers, said the company. The goods are stain-resistant and durable for multiple-uses and food-use approved.