Gefu Expands Kitchenware Assortment

Gefu recently introduced several new kitchenware designs to the U.S. market.

The Garlico, said the company, has a special perforated disc and an extra-large press chamber that helps to make pressing even unpeeled cloves. An integrated scraper is said to provide residue-free garlic paste seasoning. The Garlico is made of stainless steel, is ergonomically designed and has a swing-out sieve insert for easier cleaning.

In addition, the company will have its Flexicut vegetable and fruit cutter on hand. The new tool is said to produce crunchy vegetable sticks, cuts potatoes for crisp wedges and divides fruit into segments for fruit salads. It features an adjustable steel blade insert that can be adjusted to the desired size (eighths or quarters). A consumer can then put the food into the opening and use the plunger to push it through the cutting tubes.

The new Speedwing multi-chopper utilizes a cable-pull mechanism that chops, mashes, mixes, whirls and stirs a wide range of ingredients. The cutting insert can chop carrots, nuts and the like, in sizes that range from coarse to extremely fine. It also has a scale to help measure ingredients, as well as additional accessories.