BoilingBeeper Now Available For Pre-Order

The BoilingBeeper is now available for pre-order. The gadget recently debuted on Kickstarter and is designed to float in a pot of water and beep when the water is boiling hot.

The inventors of the BoilingBeeper stated that the device automatically turns off once it is taken out of the pot. It also has an automatic on/off button, ergonomic top and is made of FDA-approved materials.

The BoilingBeeper was invented by a group of friends that wanted to find a solution to make the task of waiting for a pot of water to boil easier. The inventors commented that consumers often forget to check water while waiting for it to boil or check it too often. The inventors wanted to design a tool that allowed consumers to spend more time focused on other tasks.

The BoilingBeeper is available for pre-order now for an approximate price of $15. It is expected to be delivered in December.