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Prepara Presents Latchlok Food Storage System

While the demand for reliable at-home food storage goods continues to trend, Prepara is debuting the Latchlok storage system.

According to the brand, the Latchlok storage system allows consumers to stack, steam, and store food in containers made of Tritan by Eastman plastic, and features a unique sliding latch and venting system.

The collection comes with nine sizes of containers and Prepara said the construction of the Latchlok storage container allows for a watertight and airtight seal combined with interlocking feet and lids that allow all of them to securely stack on top of each other in pantries, cabinets, microwaves and refrigerators.

In addition, Prepara’s easy-slide latch and vent system enables consumers to microwave meals. The base features an integrated pour spout for easy pouring of liquids to avoid spills, as well as a finger recess for lifting the lid.

“These are truly innovative, we have taken the everyday container to the next level, with rich features including; our patent-pending dual-stack microwave capability, our slow pour container spout and our secure footed interlocking feet,” said Dean Chapman, Prepara’s chief designer.

The Latchlok storage containers are dishwasher- and freezer-safe and are odor and stain-resistant. Latchok is available in nine open stock sizes and four set configurations including 12-piece, 16-piece, 20-piece and 26-piece sets. The storage system is scheduled to be available in September.

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