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Potluck Vintage & Modern Kitchenware Highlighted By Local News

Ely, MN-based Potluck Vintage & Modern Kitchenware was recently highlighted by the area’s local FOX affiliate, FOX21 Local News. The store was featured as part of the media outlet’s, “Knowing Your Neighbors” series where it picks local businesses to spotlight.

According to the outlet, owner David Wigdahl decided to combine his passion for cooking with the idea of making his store accessible to all levels of consumer – those who collect or have an affinity for vintage pieces, as well as the more modern home cook.

“The next generation really isn’t coming out for antiques very much right now anymore unfortunately but I thought they all love to cook they all love to eat and I love cooking and eating and gadgets so I thought I’ll just mix the two and they can come in see the new items and can buy their new dinnerware but use grandmas new pitcher,” Wigdahl told FOX 21.

Potluck opened in 2018.

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