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Plum’s Cooking Ups The Ante For Local Chefs

Sioux Falls, SD-based Plum’s Cooking is not only a retail store, but with the addition of its new and expanded kitchen area, it has become a gathering place for the community. Cooking classes and demonstrations are highly attended for date nights, fun nights out with friends and more.

However, Plum’s Cooking is continuing to find ways to make both the store and the Sioux Falls culinary community a bit better. And one of these ways is to expose the culinary community to new techniques and learning experiences that a place like Plum’s can provide.

For example, store manager Tracy Hoem recently organized a chef’s only cooking class with James Beard award-winning chef, Sean Sherman. The class, said Hoem, was not only well-attended by the culinary community from in and around Sioux Falls, but it took on a different direction all-together.

“The night before, we had an open class with Sean Sherman with customers and they were really interested in the food,” she said. “But with the chefs, they were so interested in his techniques and asked so many questions about them. It turned very technical. They were so interested in the education part of it.”

The class hosted 17 local chefs from the Sioux Falls area and was billed as a methodology class. The class started at 9 a.m., noted Hoem, to make it convenient for those in the food service industry.

Hoem explained that as the farm-to-table movement has seemingly morphed into a local farm-to-table movement, Sherman was a perfect fit to show chefs the ins and outs, as he is a Native American chef who bases many of his dishes and techniques around foraging and using the food sources you have around you.

“Many chefs around here are into using ingredients that are extra local. It’s something that is important to all of the chefs right now and having Sherman here to dive into this was a treat and a pleasure,” she said.

And, said Hoem, the outcome has been more than those at Plum’s could have possibly hoped for.

“We have spoken to so many chefs, and seen so many chefs, that said they have integrated some of the techniques into their preparation routines and their menus. That’s been rewarding to hear,” she said.

Hoem said she would love to continue to host these types of classes in the future and is currently thinking about who she would love to have on her roster at Plum’s Cooking.

“We definitely want to keep doing things like this, we just aren’t sure who we would like to have next,” she said.


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