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Peugeot Brings Bold Flavor With New Spice Cubes

Peugeot has introduced Spice Cubes, an exclusive collection of spices curated by the company.

The Spice Cubes come packaged in square glass jars with colorful labels that describe the flavors inside. Company officials said the spices “add new dimensions to home cooking” and are giftable on their own or combined with a Peugeot mill in a gourmet gift basket.

The small jars are 2.75-inches tall and the large jars are 4-inches tall. Spices include a wide variety of flavors including pepper, salt, nutmeg and other spices from exotic locales.

The new Peugeot Spice Cubes will be available for shipping September 2018, with suggested retail prices ranging from $8 to $15.

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