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Peugeot Blends Design, Function With Elis Corkscrew


For consumers seeking to elevate their at-home wine experience, Peugeot recently introduced the Elis Touch Electric Corkscrew.

The corkscrew operates automatically by pressing on the cork and can be used to remove any type of cork from a wine bottle, said the company. To uncork, the corkscrew is placed over the neck of the bottle and then a consumer can press down until the cork is extracted. To release the cork from the corkscrew, the consumer can press the cork eject button on top of the Elis Touch.

Peugeot said the Elis Touch Electric Corkscrew is shaped like a pillar, with clean, contemporary lines, explained Peugeot, and comes with a foil cutter. It is said to be able to uncork 40 bottles with one charge.

The Elis Touch is recharged once placed on its charging base, which plugs into a wall socket. The charging base charges the corkscrew constantly, so it is always ready for use. Its motor is powerful and silent.



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