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Peugeot Adds New Gourmet Salt, Pepper to Mills

Peugeot is offering its customers new flavors for its Nancy and Daman Mills, to entice adventuresome home cooks. The company stated the mills are now available filled with Persian Blue Salt or Timut Pepper.

According to the company, Persian Blue Salt has a pure non-iodized taste and intense saline flavor, this salt brings a slightly lemon note to dishes such as fish, vegetables or salads. Timut Pepper develops notes of citrus fruit and grapefruit and pairs well as a finish to fish, seafood, stir-fry vegetables, fruit salads and chocolate desserts.

“Our Persian Blue Salt and Timut Pepper Mills create tempting new reasons to expand your mill collection, and they also make distinctive gifts for foodies. From a retailer standpoint, these exotic ingredients add excitement to your mill collection with a fresh, new taste experience,” said Yvette Laugier, managing director, Peugeot Saveurs North America, LLC.

The Nancy Mill has a curvaceous silhouette, while the Daman Mill has a clean, gently tapered shape with stainless steel accents. The mills feature a spice-specific mechanism, the strongest on the market, with a consistent high-output grind. The Nancy Mill offers a classic adjustment for grinding from fine to coarse. The Daman Mills are equipped with the patented Peugeot U-Select system, fully adjustable from fine to coarse or anywhere in between.

Peugeot Persian Blue Salt and Timut Pepper Mills are available for immediate shipment and are also available in Pink Himalayan Salt, Dry Coarse Salt and Black Pepper. Suggested retail prices are $32 for the 7-inch Nancy Mill, $55 for the 6 1/4-inch Daman Mill and $65 for the 8 1/4-Inch Daman Mill. Both spices are also sold separately in a canister for $13.

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