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Peugeot Debuts Paris Bouquet Glassware

Peugeot has introduced its new Paris Bouquet glassware. According to the company, the collection includes wine, beer and water glasses.

Peugeot stated that the shapes of its Paris Bouquet glassware were inspired by the graceful curves and counter curves of the iconic Peugeot Paris Mill.

The red, white and sparkling wine glasses are designed to magnify wine, allowing it to open up and reveal the richness and complexity of its aromas. In addition, the company explained that their size, shape, fineness and openings have been calibrated to release the scents, notes and flavors of the finest wines, while enhancing their nuances of color.

The shapes, which are wider for powerful aromas and narrower for subtle aromas, offer optimal oxygenation, allowing the bouquet to develop and rise. Generous capacities are matched to the needs of each wine type.

The short-stemmed beer glass is characterized by ample curves that enhance a beer’s taste, aroma and visual appeal. The matching water glass can be used for water, infused water, iced tea, lemonade, fruit juice, and for wine, for those who prefer a stemless wine glass.

Peugeot’s Paris Bouquet glassware comes gift boxed in sets of six and is available for shipping now.

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