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Partnering For Success Ketchum Kitchens Sees Gains With Hestan

Bringing in a new cookware line, and one with little brand recognition in the already saturated cookware market, wasn’t top of mind for John Melin, owner of Ketchum, ID-based Ketchum Kitchens. But, it was the promise of support the vendor offered him that caused him to give it a try.

“Hestan has done all of the things a company should do if it is looking to launch a product into the independent channel,” he said. “They’ve been a great partner in this business. And the product is terrific. It is beautiful, well-finished, has exquisite packaging and works better than any pan I’ve ever used.”

Melin said while Hestan is set at a premium pricepoint, the demographics of his area allowed for the introduction of a new cookware line that is billed as more upscale. He felt that Hestan would fit the bill.

So, he made the decision to bring the cookware line in. Between the benefits the company was offering him and the amount of disposable income in the area, he thought it would be worth his while.

“We are in a mountain resort area and there is a market here for high-end kitchenware. We have a lot of local customers, but we also have a lot of customers that have vacation homes and second homes in the area. To them, money is not really an object,” explained Melin.

After making the decision to roll the goods out, Melin said that Hestan was totally on board to provide assistance. The company helped the store welcome the collection to its product line-up and coordinated a launch event where the company sent someone to represent the brand. Additionally, Ketchum Kitchens and Hestan teamed up on a launch party in which dinner was prepared with the cookware and it was linked up with wine pairings. Melin said the company helped financially support the event, which proved the brand was as equally invested in the success of the cookware at retail.

However, said Melin, the support did not stop there. Hestan provided a demonstration pan that can be loaned to customers and also allotted for enough cookware for the employees. And, with an additional credit from Melin, each employee was able to take a pan home to test.

“It’s been great because our employees have been able to go home and use them and cook with them. It makes it easier for them to speak about the cookware to the customers that may be interested. It’s exciting for them and because they have been able to try the pans out themselves, all of the employees are behind the brand,” said Melin.

Now, after only six short months in the store, Melin said that Hestan is his top selling cookware line at Ketchum Kitchens.

“Hestan makes it easy for us to sell the product. They have proven that they are here for us,” said Melin.

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