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Pantone: Color Moods Provide Hue Options For Consumers

As part of the 2016 International Home + Housewares Show and its “Color and Emotion: Mining the Consumer Mindset” seminar, Lee Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, set the tonal mood for the year ahead. She discussed color trends, how to update palettes and freshen what vendors and retailers present to consumers.

“Many people have asked me over the years where I get my inspiration for the color forecasts I do each year at the show,” Eiseman said. “There is a fundamental group of moods that you can go back to, a thread that runs through. Identifying these major lifestyle moods will help you to both understand and appeal to varying consumer needs and aspirations.”

As such, Eiseman set an overarching theme for color evolution in the year ahead. Among the moods she set:

  • Tranquil. Cool and calm tones that connect people to the sky and sea.
  • Nurturing. Warm colors such as toasty browns and mellow yellows evoking a feeling of comfort.
  • Romantic. Mauves, French blues, ecrus and whites that can take a formal or casual cast.
  • Contemplative. Classic neutral colors possibly employed with an interjection of color to elicit excitement or inspiration.
  • Traditional. Hues that stand the test of time, such as true reds and hunter greens, with purple interjecting.
    Dynamic. Black and white punctuated by bold, energetic colors such as chrome yellow.
  • Sensuous. Warm, exotic colors such as brandies, cognacs, whiskeys, hot pinks and red oranges that suggest opulence.
  • Whimsical. Playful and humorous.
  • Beach Scenes. Tones that recall warm sandy shores and billowing sails.
  • Dawn and Dew. Mid-tones with gray accents that establish a sense of early morning mystery.
  • Foraging the Forest. Colors, particularly greens, inspired by the outdoors in a manner that suggests wellness and healthier diets.
  • Rustic Remembrances. A warm palette reminiscent of weathered wood but freshened by purples, fuchsias or pinks such as Cactus Flower.
  • Au Naturel. A color range that touches on the neutral tones of Rustic Remembrances but with a smoother, somewhat more sophisticated sensibility.
  • Parisian. Elegant, incorporating aubergines, royal purples and mauves.
  • Multi-Cultural. A diverse range of hues drawing from various ethnic styles.
  • Back to the Fuchsia. A palette for the more creative consumer including blue, turquoise and yellow-greens that can work together in youthful applications or for more sophisticated adults.

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