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Pan Handler Plus Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Pan Handler Plus, located in Helena, MT, recently marked its 40th anniversary. As part of the celebration, the store raffled off 40 products – one for each year it has been in business.

The store opened its doors in 1978 and was started by original owner Concetta Eckel in a location just south of where the retail outlet currently stands, according to an article in the Helena Independent Record. It is now owned by Billie Shepard, who used to work at the store as a salesperson.

Shepard said that one of the keys to the store’s long-term success is continuing to take the time to educate the customer and to also put things in perspective.

“One thing I think we do well is educate people about the things they buy,” Shepard told the paper. “Something I try to remind people who think $100 for a really nice knife is expensive, is that many spend just that much eating out. This knife could help in prep for thousands of meals you make at home. It’s really a bargain when you think about it.”


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