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PackIt Supports Meals On Wheels

PackIt Fresh, makers of freezable, commercial delivery totes, has teamed up with Meals On Wheels Orange County to support the organization’s mission of preparing and delivering meals to seniors amid the COVID-19 pandemic. PackItFresh is a division of PackIt, manufacturer of freezable consumer food storage totes.

According to the company, at-risk older adults are reliant on food delivery services at this time more than ever. To help support Meals On Wheels efforts to provide food to them, PackItFresh donated its Ultra Tote Freezable delivery totes to help their efforts. PackItFresh Totes freeze overnight and then provide up to 15 hours of refrigerator safe storage for frozen, cold and perishable foods, the company said.

“As we all come together as a nation, PackItFresh is honored to work alongside Meals On Wheels to help during this crisis and beyond. Together we recognize the importance and urgency of delivering food quickly, safely and efficiently,” said Melissa Kieling, founder of PackIt. “The health and well-being of every community is crucial and PackItFresh is grateful to help make a difference.”

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