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Oxo Presents Easy-Clean Composting Bin

As consumers ramp up their fresh food prep and sustainability practices, composting food scraps has become a popular practice. To support these goals, Oxo has introduced its Easy-Clean Composting Bin.

The new compost bin is available in two sizes, said the company. The large has a Large Bin 1.75-gallon/6.62-liter capacity, while the small has a 0.75-gallon/2.83-liter capacity and works well for countertop composting. The bins feature a design that keeps bags tucked inside for a neat look. The bins also have smooth interiors, which make them easy to clean.

They are also odor-containing and pest-reducing since oxygen can flow through the soft-close lids. The lids have a stay-open feature which makes it easy to toss scraps in and they are removable for convenient emptying.

The Oxo Easy-Clean Composting Bins are available now and come in white and charcoal.

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