Oxo Introduces Chef’s Mandoline 2.0


After working to update the original Chef’s Mandoline, that was introduced by Oxo in 2004, for the last four years, the company has unveiled Chef’s Mandoline 2.0. The new offering, the company said, will be available in May.

The new mandoline offers 17 slice thicknesses from a very thin 1mm to a thick 9mm and 21 blade settings including straight, crinkle, French fry and julienne cuts, the company said. Additionally, the product has a slicing platform that moves up and down in one parallel motion, versus tilting, and results in even slices, said Oxo.

Other features include the blade being positioned on an angle which helps slice thin-skinned and soft fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, and a food holder that pushes food down with a spring instead of needing to use pressure, said the company. All of the blades are incorporated on the mandoline with no switching, unscrewing or replacing required and the graphics are placed for user-friendliness, according to Oxo.

The Chef’s Mandoline 2.0 has a suggested retail price of $79.99.

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