Oxo Adds Herb Storage To GreenSaver Line


Oxo has expanded its Good Grips GreenSaver line with an herb keeper and a crisper insert. The company stated the line is designed to keep produce fresher for longer in the fridge.

With the Oxo Good Grips GreenSaver Herb Keeper, a consumer can fill the base to the fill line and place herbs inside the basket. The basket keeps the delicate leaves off container walls and promotes air flow to prevent rotting. In addition, the basket has a hinge opening, which makes it easy to add and remove herbs.

The GreenSaver Herb Keeper’s lid keeps in humidity and prevents herbs from wilting. It is available in two sizes, large for large bundles of herbs such as basil, parsley and cilantro, and small, for smaller bundles and clamshells of herbs. Both sizes can also fit inside the fridge door. The small size has a suggested retail of $11.99, while the larger size has a suggested retail price of $14.99.

The GreenSaver Crisper Insert is designed to sit in the crisper drawer to absorb ethylene and extend the life of produce. The hole pattern keeps air flowing around the packet, even when partially covered by produce or bags, stated Oxo. A date dial helps keep trace of the packet’s lifetime. It has a suggested retail price of $5.99 for a single pack or $9.99 for a double pack.

Oxo stated the new GreenSaver products have an anticipated availability of September 2017.

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