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Owner of La Cuisine Featured In ‘Alexandria Stylebook’

Nancy Pollard, owner of La Cuisine, a gourmet store located in Alexandria, VA, was recently profiled in a local online magazine, Alexandria Stylebook.

Pollard’s shop has been open for more than 40 years and is located in the Old Town Boutique District of Alexandria and according to the article, is a popular destination for cooking enthusiasts, as well as local business owners looking for inspiration.

According the article, Pollard, has offered business advice to many, including the article’s writer, and is well respected in her community.

La Cuisine carries an assortment of kitchenware of which the company describes as a “unique,” according to its website, highlighting its commitment to stocking gear and ingredients that work well and taste great. In addition, the store offers cooking classes, online shopping, as well as a monthly e-newsletter called eBites.

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