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Olivelle Launches Taste Of Asia Collection

Olivelle, an olive oil, vinegar and spice shop based in Bozeman, MT, who also distributes goods to the independent housewares market, has launched its new Taste of Asia collection. The line includes a balsamic offering, an olive oil and a rub/seasoning for a complete set.

The company’s new black garlic tamari soy balsamic adds a savory element that is not often found in other ways, said the company. It is made with a combination of fermented soy beans and black garlic.

The new roasted shallot olive oil was developed with an intense, savory shallot flavor, said Olivelle. Designed to be used on dishes ranging from Vietnamese salads to casserole dishes, it can be both a savory dressing or marinade.

Olivelle’s black garlic shiitake rub and seasoning combines fermented black garlic and shiitake mushrooms, designed for an “umami” explosion of flavor.

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