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Oh! T Tea Infuser Enters The Market

Pong Product Design has developed the Oh! T adjustable tea infuser. According to the design group, the Oh! T is an adjustable 3-in-1 tea infuser that features a magnetic tea-lid that allows drinkers to adjust the strength of the brew by moving the tea infuser up and down inside cup.

This design, said the company, enables the infuser to sit inside the water or above, while the smart cup design enhances aroma and flavor development of the tea. The magnetic lid can be used to adjust the height of the infuser ball as little or as frequently as needed. This helps to control the taste and strength of the tea.

The stainless steel tea ball can be filled with loose tea leaves and then dropped into the accompanying glass filled with hot water and attach the infuser to the magnetic lid.

The magnetic lid doubles as a convenient drip tray to safely and neatly rest the infuser once it is done brewing.

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