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Nude Glass Introduces Colored U Tumblers, Whiskey Tasting Set

Nude Glass recently debuted new beverageware including Colored U tumblers and the Islands collection of whiskey glasses.

According to the company, the Colored U tumblers have a raindrop shape and are available in the following hues: amber, caramel and petroleum green. Each glass holds 15.5 ounces and stand 4 1/4″ high.

Meanwhile, the Islands collection includes whiskey glasses available in three stem sizes. Each features a slightly flared lip, which the company said directs the spirit’s flow to the tip of the tongue, emphasizing the whiskey’s smooth, silken feel in the mouth. In addition, the broad bowl of the glass, tapering toward the top, is designed to concentrate the liquid’s aroma and flavors, optimizing the sensory experience.

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