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NPD: Experience Gifts, Subscription Boxes On Shopping Lists This Holiday


According to NPD, a global information company, more than 40% of shoppers plan to give experience gifts for the 2018 holiday season. Topping that list, said the research group, is food-based experiences.

NPD stated that of the holiday shoppers planning to purchase experience presents, 48% would be looking to give food-related gift certificates. This includes dining out, wine festivals, food festivals, wine tastings, etc. In addition, 10% of those shoppers would be planning to purchase educational and enrichment experiences, like cooking classes.

Other experience purchases on the agenda for the holiday season include spa gift certificates, adventure experiences, gym memberships, interactive experiences, sporting events and travel.

In addition to experiential gifts, subscription services are also on the radars of some consumers this year. NPD stated that 7% of shoppers plan to purchase a subscription box or service as a gift this holiday season. Similar to the top experiences, food subscriptions top the list among consumers with an eye on these types of gifts, followed by beverages, electronics, health/fitness, fashion, and beauty/grooming subscriptions.

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