Nordic Ware Growing Cookware, Bakeware Assortment


Nordic Ware is bringing several new cookware and bakeware products to showcase at the International Home + Housewares Show, here.

In bakeware, the company will be introducing its new metallic color palette, a line of little bundts, new sizes in its Naturals line and cast cookie stamps.

On its cast bakeware, the company is adding copper and a Premier Gold look on its cast bakeware. The company had previously seen success with its platinum, bronze and gold exterior coatings, according to Jennifer Dalquist, director of sales and marketing for Nordic Ware, and said that she expects the new additions will make a bigger statement in the market.

Nordic Ware’s six-cup capacity Little Bundts are designed for consumers desiring smaller portions and fit a half cake recipe or mix perfectly, according to the company. The products are also sized to fit single Quick Bread mixes as well. They are available in six different designs and also fit into countertop and compact ovens.

Six new sizes will be launched in the company’s round, aluminum Naturals line of bakeware, as well as a hot air pizza crisping pan. Nordic Ware will expand the line to include a 4-inch round pan, 6-inch round pan, a 6-inch round pan with a removable bottom as well as a 10- and 12-inch round pan. The products will also be available in two variety pack sets. The pizza crisping pan will have holes in the bottom to ventilate while cooking.

The cast cookie stamps have been sought after recently, said Dalquist, and the company is bringing four new sets of shapes to respond to the increased consumer demand. Themes include Honey Bee, Spooky, Starry Night and Greetings, which has sayings like “Cheers” and “Thank You” on them.

In specialty cookware, Nordic Ware will be showing its new oven bacon pan, designed to make oven-baked, flat bacon strips, as well as its new Sweetheart stovetop waffle pan, which is modeled after the company’s Belgian waffle maker but with heart shaped waffles.

Nordic Ware has also totally redesigned its microwave line for on-the-go and quick meals, said Dalquist. Made in the U.S. and BPA/melamine-free, some of the company’s new microwave items include a bento box divided to-go container, a Better Batter bowl, a vented microwave steamer, a MultiBoiler pot for oatmeal, rice, and pasta, and a Soup’r Mug for to-go soup and noodle meals.

Nordic Ware is debuting two new categories as well: compact ovenware and a new line of American-made kitchen tools. The company launched its new compact cookware line to build on the success of its Naturals line, said Dalquist.

To that end, Nordic Ware is adding a line of toaster-oven/countertop-oven sized pieces in natural aluminum. “This is targeted toward empty nesters, dorm/apartment dwellers with limited kitchen space, and the camping/RV crowd who is cooking in very small spaces,” noted Dalquist.

The company’s everyday kitchen tools, which will also launch at the show, will include a stirring spoon, pasta fork, flipper/turner and slotted corner spoon. Made of heat-safe, brightly colored nylon, the tools are made in the U.S.

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