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Nielsen-Massey Launches ‘Better Your Bake’ Campaign

Nielsen-Massey Vanillas has launched its first-ever integrated consumer education campaign dubbed “Better Your Bake.” The campaign, said the company, features Food Network’s “Challenge” Champion and cake designer Marina Sousa.

Sousa is partnering with the brand to create a video series designed to help home baking enthusiasts advance their skills and benefit from the mindfulness that comes with the art of baking.

“Creating and baking beautiful cakes has always instilled in me a personal feeling of relaxation and accomplishment. As a novice, many years ago, I remember perfecting basic techniques like whisking and rolling out dough, which brought me a great sense of achievement and happiness. Through this campaign, I hope to share my knowledge with home bakers everywhere, so that they too can gain the benefits of ‘bettering their bake’,” said Sousa.

Visitors to the website will find informative videos outlining basic baking techniques and common myths, said the company. They’ll also discover Sousa’s answers to common baking questions, collect seasonal recipes, and much more. New videos, tips and recipes will be released each month through September 2019.

“As a third-generation family company, we are passionate about helping people discover the joy that comes from baking at home. It is our hope that consumers can learn that with the right technique – and the finest quality ingredients – they will be able to create something truly awesome that will bring happiness to themselves and those they love,” said Kirk Trofholz, CEO of Nielsen-Massey.

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