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Nielsen-Massey Debuts Organic Flavoring Products

Nielsen-Massey has unveiled four new organic pure flavor products, including organic peppermint extract, organic almond extract, organic lemon extract and organic orange extract. Each flavor is available in 2-, 4-, 18-ounce and gallon bottles.

The organic peppermint extract is crafted from the finest mint oils grown in the Midwest under the strictest quality standards, the company said, and is designed for flavoring teas and complementing chocolate in cakes, icings and ice cream.

In the organic almond extract, bitter almond oil is made of stone fruit grown in California, South Carolina and Georgia.

The company’s organic lemon extract is produced from California lemon oil rounded out with peel notes and full of flavor, according to Nielsen-Massey.

The organic orange extract is produced using rich, juicy orange oils from Florida balanced with notes from sweet Wild West Indies orange oil.

To commemorate the company’s 110th anniversary, Nielsen-Massey also recently previewed its first limited-edition product, Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract Reserve, at the 2017 Summer Fancy Food Show.

“Ten years ago, we began crafting this vanilla extract in anticipation of our 110-year anniversary,” said Kirk Trofholz, CEO. “We are unique in how we manufacture our pure vanilla and the Reserve is no exception. After using our cold-extraction process to draw out the delicate and distinctive flavor components of the Madagascar Vanilla Beans, we then aged this small batch in custom oak barrels for 10 years, developing tannin characteristics that further enhance the vanilla bean flavor notes and allow for deeper levels of creamy richness, complexity and uniquely velvety undertones.”

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