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Nibblins, GC Buying Group Dish On Store Refresh

Nibblins, a gourmet housewares store located in Winchester, VA, recently held a grand re-opening to show off the refreshed look of the store. Owners Susan and Blair Dolinar were the winners of a GC Buying Group contest in which contestants were asked to write a personal narrative telling why their store should be selected for the refresh and submit it along with their renovation wishlist and pictures of their current space.

“Supporting the resources for members to create an optimal in-store experience has been one of GC’s top priorities due to forecasting the growing importance of its impact. To maintain competitive advantage in today’s market, stores must reflect current buying trends customers love and expect,” said Janis Johnson, founder and president, GC Buying Group.

According to GC Buying Group, Annette Quezada was asked to join the group as a special associate in order to tap her knowledge about the design and opening of new retail stores, as well as remodeling and enhancing existing stores. After Nibblins was declared the winner of the contest, Quezada began working with them to create the new look the store has today.

Quezada guided Nibblins through a total transformation with the relocation of most departments, new fixtures, updated displays and changes to merchandising strategy, according to GC Buying Group. Of note was the  improvement and revitalized cutlery department. Quezada moved it to a prominent location near the main register and visible from the entrance and created a custom fixture to consolidate all of the vendors into one case to help identify Nibblins as a cutlery destination.

“We were so proud to unveil the new look to customers. It was a lot of work, but it looks beautiful and makes better use of our space. Now that the refresh process has ended, it is nice to walk through an organized peaceful space. I love how we were able to better showcase some of our items,” said Susan Dolinar, owner.

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