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New Peugeot Wine Tool Designed To Enhance Flavors

Peugeot is expanding its wine and tool collection with the launch of a new tool designed to instantly adjust the taste of your wine. La Clef du Vin is a long, slender tool that has a sharply angled, textured metallic head that when dipped in a wine glass or bottle for just a few seconds, will accelerate wine development and access variations, the company said.

La Clef du Vin is said to work with all types of wine, including white, red, rose, sparking and naturally sweet wines. It can ready a wine for immediate consumption by adjusting its balance to your personal taste; highlighting or heightening the detailers of a wines distinct flavor and aroma profile. The tool is said to also allow users to gauge how wines will develop so that they can manage their wine cellar accordingly, the company said.

Designed for sommeliers, winemakers and home wine enthusiasts, La Clef du Vin measure 7.25 inches long, and a travel size measures 6 inches. They two come packaged together in a gift box with a suggested retail price of $80, or the travel size can be purchased separately for $50.

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