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Nambé Introduces Vie Barware Collection

Nambé has introduced the Vie barware collection. According to the company, the new line features an assortment of bar tools and wine accessories.

The new collection includes a champagne bucket, wine opener, wine stopper and foil cutter set, two decanters and a cocktail shaker.

The Vie champagne bucket is made of Nambé alloy and is said to hold its temperature after being chilled in the refrigerator or freezer.

Nambé’s new Vie wine opener combines acacia wood and stainless steel in a slightly curved design. It features a corkscrew and extended lever that is said to open wine bottles with ease. The alternate side of the Vie wine opener features an opener for pop-top bottles.

The new Vie decanter is made of glass and acacia wood. It is available in either a 10″ or 12″ size. Meanwhile, the Vie cocktail shaker has a stainless steel body and wood top. It comes with a strainer that fits under the stopper.

Finally, the Vie wine stopper and foil cutter are also made of stainless steel and acacia wood.



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