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MÜkitchen Debuts New Scrub Cloths, Freight Program


MÜkitchen has added to its textile collection with the PowerNet Scrub Cloth.

Sold as a set of two, the company explained that the PowerNet Scrub Cloth is a 100 percent cotton cloth on one side and a durable poly net designed to cut through grease on the other.

“If one fiber is good at wiping, and another is good at scrubbing – why not combine them to see if some magic can happen,” said Chadd Moser, founder and President of MÜkitchen.

In addition, the company has introduced a new freight program independent retailers. MÜkitchen is offering free freight on orders of $450 and more, and said it will split freight on orders $300 and more.

The company also recently updated its website with new dynamic original content in support of its latest offerings, including its summer 2018 designs.


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