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Mrs. Anderson’s Introduces Cooking Twine

Mrs. Anderson’s, a Harold Import Co. (HIC) brand, is bringing its new cooking twine to the retail market.

According to the company, the twine is designed to be used for trussing poultry and forming meat, securing rolled, wrapped, or stuffed foods, charcuterie, and more. Made in America from 100% all-natural chef-grade cotton, the twine is food and oven safe, biodegradable, and fully compostable. However, said HIC, the good is not intended for direct exposure to flame in the broiler or on the grill.

The twine, available in a one pound cone, which measures 1,200 feet, is also ideal for crafts, tying up plants, drying flowers and herbs, securing bundles of newspapers and packages and tying down tarps, the company noted.

The company also recently debuted its silicone pie crust bag.

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