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Mrs. Anderson’s Debuts Silicone Pie Crust Bag

Mrs. Anderson’s, a Harold Import (HIC) brand, is kicking off 2019 with the debut of its baking silicone pie crust bag.

According to the company, the pie crust bag was intended for rolling round and consistent pie crusts to bake evenly without guesswork or sticky, floury mess. Made from naturally non-stick silicone, the strong, durable and reusable bag stays in place when in use, according to HIC.

Measuring 16.5 inches, the size guides eliminate guesswork for rolling precise dough rounds, from 6 to 14 inches. The naturally non-stick surface releases dough easily without torn edges or holes, making it ideal for rolling pie crust, cookie, pastry, pizza, and pasta dough, said the company.

The good is also dishwasher safe, noted HIC.

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