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Mixing It Up Proves Successful At The Extra Ingredient

Mixing it up, they understand at the Greensboro, NC-based independent gourmet housewares store, The Extra Ingredient, can be critical to success. And even “sock-cess.”

Despite its being a gourmet store, a hot category for The Extra Ingredient has been socks, which it added recently, proprietors Art and Martha Nading told GOURMET INSIDER.

“We started because it was food oriented: Pickles, broccoli. We’ve had pizza. We’ve had tacos. We’re sold out of those right now. Then we went around to the crazy socks that have nothing to do with food,” said Art Nading.

While socks may be a stretch, the company has also brought in an array of tabletop items as well as other giftables such as luxurious soaps.

“We’re a kitchen shop but we’re also tabletop and gift,” Martha Nading said. “Gift is a great margin, but it’s the same customer.”

Through the years, The Extra Ingredient has re-merchandised to accommodate new opportunities, actually flipping the sales floor to bring tabletop forward, where the store features Juliska and Vietri, and moving kitchen to the rear.

“It made the front of our store totally different, which is kind of fun,” she said. By freshening assortment and services, The Extra Ingredient ensures that it can provide customers with a proposition that is in line with evolving expectations.

Bridal is another area of focus as The Extra Ingredient begins to automate its wedding registry process. As such, whoever is working with the bride can enter information to registry directly.

“We are trying to get set up for being able to scan our brides as opposed to hand writing it,” Art Nading said.

The upgrade comes as the store is introducing new bridal patterns, he said, with “great things on the horizon” in the tabletop category, including high-quality melamine products.

“It’s nice to see an evolution of melamine to reach the high end tabletop,” he said.

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