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WATCH: McCormick Spices Debuts 2018 Flavor Forecast


McCormick Spices announced the 2018 flavor forecast. This year, the company predicts that top flavor profiles will be Japanese and African-infused dishes; handheld foods with unique, high profile flavors; wellness drinks; and hot pot creations.

Handheld Flavor Creations: The company said that street carts, food trucks and food halls are merging unique, high-flavor fillings with unique crepes, buns and breads. For example, McCormick noted foods like arepas, a taco-gyro hybrid, are increasing in popularity, as are dessert bao buns.

A Bite Of Africa: McCormick said that spices and blends from Tanzania and Ethiopia are making their way across the globe.

Japanese Izakaya Eats: Japanese-style small plates with bold glazes, tangy sauces and seaweed seasonings are beginning to be served up at tables around the world.

Wellness Drinks: From starting the day with a smoothie to ending it with an elixir, flavors like cucumber, dandelion greens, ginger, turmeric and cayenne pepper will be the stars in these liquids.

Hot Pots: Traditionally an East Asian dish, hot pots are beginning to be infused with Mexican and Caribbean flavors for a new experience on the dining room table.

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