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Mauviel 1830 Taps Gifting Opportunity For Cookware


Mauviel 1830 is introducing its latest line of cookware sets in vintage-style wood crates embossed with the company’s logo and place of origin. The cookware is nestled into the crates in eco-friendly straw for gifting, Mauviel 1830 explained. The M’Urban and the M’3 5-piece, 7-piece and 10-piece sets are now available in these vintage-style wood crates.

The copper M’3 cookware is made from a multilayer compound of copper, aluminum and stainless steel, offering premium performance while remaining light and manageable. The modern designed M’3 pots are 2mm thick and feature a brushed copper exterior, a pouring rim and stainless-steel handles fixed with stainless rivets. These copper saucepans, sauté pans, fry pans and stew pans in the wood crates retail for $500 for the 5-piece set, $750 for the 7-piece set and $1,100 for the 10-piece set.

The stainless steel M’Urban cookware is said to be chic with its brushed steel finish and striking silhouettes, the company said. This cookware is made of a 3-ply alloy: two layers of stainless steel sandwiching a layer of aluminum, which is designed for optimal cooking performance. The 5-piece collection retails for $350, the 7-piece collection for $550 and the 10-piece collection retails for $750.

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