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Magic Linen Rolls Out New Color Collections

Magic Linen, a family-owned business in Lithuania, has launched two new color collections within its vast linen lineup: Charcoal Gray and Charcoal Grid.

Charcoal Gray features warm undertones and is said to change its look depending on the amount of natural light in the room, shifting from dark gray to warm purple. Charcoal Grid is a minimalist windowpane pattern, the company said, comprised of a white base and charcoal gray lines.

According to the company, its focus is on eco-friendly, organic products and slow living. While modern in its practices, it uses organic materials and hand makes each of its items, which are sewed locally in a small studio. Most of its items are made of stonewashed linen, a modern way of softening the linen without any harmful chemicals, the company said.

Both new color collections are available in table linens, kitchen linens, bed linens and linen curtains. The company’s kitchen linen collections include aprons, tea towels, bread bags, pot holders and mitts.


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