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Lyft Promotion Drives Traffic To The Boston Shaker


While housewares stores in the suburbs may have convenient customer parking situations, there are others in more urban areas that may be a bit more challenging to get to. That challenge may deter customers from stopping into a brick-and-mortar location if they know getting there will be an issue.

In an effort to make it a bit easier for customers, as well as to take advantage of the neighborhood’s college clientele, Somerville, MA-based The Boston Shaker recently teamed up with Lyft to offer a special promotion through the month of October.

According to Lonnie Newburn, owner of The Boston Shaker, he noticed that restaurants and bars in the area were using the promotion and he decided to get in on the action.

“This is a great perk to give to our customers and an additional way to offer them great customer service,” he told GOURMET INSIDER.

He explained that he kept the cards up by the point-of-purchase system and had a large decal in the window that announced the store was doing the promotion in conjunction with Lyft so that people would take advantage of the discount.

Additionally, he explained, while the promotion was designed to be used by all of the store’s customers, there was one that was especially grateful for it – bartenders on their way to work.

“We have a lot of bartenders that come in and they’re usually trying to grab things quickly or they’re looking around at things before they head in to work, so I would always make sure to recommend the promotion to them to make it easier,” he said.

And while the jury’s still out on how much traffic the promotion drove both into the store and out of it (it ends at the end of October), Newburn said he saw it as a money-maker either way.

“I really liked being able to offer this to my customers. It’s something they already use or something that they need and I am able to offer it to them at a discounted price. It’s just another way for us to add value,” he said.

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