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Luigi Bormioli Debuts Craft Beer-Specific Glassware

Luigi Bormioli has debuted Birrateque, a new beer-specific glassware line. The line was developed with the Centro Studi Assaggiatori, an international specialist of sensory analysis in food and beverage.

Every craft beer has its own flavor profile, and serving it in its appropriate glass is said to emphasize all of its organoleptic features.

Matthew DiCicco, Luigi Bormioli’s craft beer ambassador, said the glasses feature etchings on the bottom, which help maintain a fine and persistent stream of bubbles to reinvigorate the foamy head on top of the beers. The large capacities and shape also allow room for aeration, and to slow down evaporation of the carbonation.

For example, Birrateque’s Stout glass allows for a two to three finger head, enhancing a creaminess that is important to the flavor and scent profile. The chimney allows for a smooth drinking surface, and allows for the nose and mouth to get into the glass to experience these types of beers. The bowl is wide at the bottom and there is overall a bigger circumference before the chimney.

“Stouts have a strong scent profile, such as coffee, licorice, chocolate and roasted malt type of notes; it gives more space to allow that to shine. A lot of stouts are viscous, the drinker is able to swirl it when they are imbibing it,” DiCicco explained.

Birrateque beer glass SKUs, all available as two packs for a suggested retail of $20, include an 18.25-ounce IPA, 20.25-oz. Stout, 23.25-oz. Seasonal, 26.50-oz. Wheat, 17-oz. Cider, and 14.25-oz. Tester.

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