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Look What’s Cookin’ Featured On Local News

Mike Suchan, owner of Kearney, NE-based Look What’s Cookin’, was recently featured on local television show, NTV’s Good Life. On the show, Suchan highlighted a few of the newest products the store has to offer, like measuring cups and seasonal cookware.

Suchan discussed the addition of home decor products to the independent housewares store, telling viewers that when the store moved locations, they added a lot more decor pieces.

Suchan also noted that both housewares and home decor pieces that draw inspiration from Chip and Joanna Gaines has been making headway in the market as well.

“I went to a show in August in Las Vegas and that theme stuff is over the top everywhere. It’s bleeding into furniture – chairs and tables. It is a big, big category,” he said.

To see the full clip, click here.


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