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LOOK: A Store Tour Of Honeycomb Kitchen Shop

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When Melissa Turpin and Dana Smith were seeking a location for Honeycomb Kitchen Shop, the co-owners were immediately drawn to the historic downtown appeal of Rogers, AR.

“Our vision for the shop was for it to be a locally owned store in a downtown area and Rogers fit our vision,” said Smith. “Being part of a downtown community was also important to us, and Rogers was a natural fit at the time and still is now as it grows and develops. It’s exciting to be a part of that.”

Not only did the neighborhood’s vintage-meets-modern vibe complement their vision, but Rogers also offered a thriving culinary scene that would support the duo’s goals for both the retail side of the business as well as its robust cooking school program.

While browing the store, shoppers are greeted with a mix of open shelving that’s home to a rotating collection of curated goods that range from serveware, dinnerware and storage goods that have both a vintage appeal and modern sensibility.

In other areas of the shop, unique fixtures cast a spotlight on Honeycomb Kitchen’s wider selection of goods for the kitchen, linens and aprons, shelf-stable treats, and vast assortment of locally made goods.

Click through the gallery to see more of Honeycomb Kitchen Shop and be sure to read their story to find out why we choose Turpin and Smith as 2020 All-Star retailers.

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